Telemedicine Is Here to Stay

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The COVID-19 pandemic is testing us in a way that we have not been for generations. The future has always been ambiguous, but now we face the added uncertainty of the coronavirus crisis.

The circumstances we find ourselves in are an opportunity to do things differently, especially in the healthcare industry. Backed by Government initiatives to promote telehealth, U.S. clinical practices are turning to offer virtual care for their clients. As some physician practices upscale their telemedicine efforts, others are implementing the technology for the first time. 

Wherever you are on the use of telemedicine, here are four tips to prepare your practice in the fight against COVID-19.

TIP 1: Improve your Telehealth Strategy with PracticeForces

Our team of telehealth experts are on standby to help start your online practice by –

  • Identifying the types of visits you can migrate to telehealth.
  • Implementing telehealth software as you work from home at no additional setup fees. 
  • Training you (and your staff) on using the telehealth software.
  • Helping you create customized communication on Telehealth use for your clients.
  • Handling the complete backend processing of your telehealth billing. 

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TIP 2: Podcasts – ‘Improving the Business of Medicine’ series by Kunal Jain, PracticeForces CEO

  • How Should Physicians Respond During COVID19?Guest speaker Dr. Pariksith Singh, MD (an internal medicine specialist in Spring Hill, FL who has been practicing for 24 years) shares tips on managing your physician practice during the COVID-19 crisis (including handling a COVID-19 positive patient) and the challenges in shifting to telehealth.

TIP 3: Use Digital Marketing to Boost your Medical Practice

A discussion with a career coach and marketing expert Michelle Pijuan on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of using technology to improve patient experience and boost your medical practice. 

TIP 4: Utilize the Medicare Cost-Sharing Waiver, Advance Payment Program and Payroll Protection Program

The federal government has launched several programs to support the health industry in these extremely challenging times. Please read the information links below to learn how your practice can benefit from these programs during the COVID-19 PHE (public health emergency. 

Lastly, in these difficult times, let’s remain calm and constructive. Engage with your patients and staff like never before. Enjoy the moments you spend with your loved ones. Celebrate every little success.

Most of all, stay evergreen in your horizon for the future.

All the best,

Kunal and Parul Jain