Transform Your Practice Website Into A Virtual Front Office

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In this podcast, I cover three aspects that every medical practice must pay attention to right now. Having an interactive practice website – As a physician practice, the need for exercising social distancing implies that you transfer as much of your work schedule as possible to remote interaction channels. So, instead of meeting patients and running your practice out of … Read More

3 Proven Ways to Improve Patient Collections – Practice Forces

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Patient Collections Even though most patients have insurance coverage, chances are they will have to meet a portion of the total medical bill by out-of-pocket means. For medical practitioners and hospitals, this imposes an increased risk of delay in revenue collection, as well as an additional administrative burden on proper patient follow-up. If you are looking for a solution to … Read More

Increase Patient Collections – 8 Hacks

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Staying on top of patient collections is vital to the financial health of medical practices – our figures say that patient due amounts account for 30 percent of a practice’s income. Therefore what we do as billing operations have an enormous impact on a practice’s financial performance. Here at PracticeForces, we have addressed patient collections by following strict guidelines, best practices, and, … Read More