4 Tips for Improving Patient Scheduling

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Effective practice scheduling has a direct bearing on patient experience and, ultimately, on practice revenues. So how can you improve patient scheduling? Tips for Improving Patient Scheduling from Kunal Jain on Vimeo. PATIENT SCHEDULING AND ITS IMPACT ON REVENUE When evaluating your practice, how would you rate a patient’s chances to make a same-day appointment, or what is the time … Read More

Transform Your Practice Website Into A Virtual Front Office

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In this podcast, I cover three aspects that every medical practice must pay attention to right now. Having an interactive practice website – As a physician practice, the need for exercising social distancing implies that you transfer as much of your work schedule as possible to remote interaction channels. So, instead of meeting patients and running your practice out of … Read More

What Can Patients And Healthcare Systems Do To Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have been engaging with our clients, U.S. physician practices, like never before. But one thought that’s been on my mind is wellness (especially physical health), which is now more crucial than before. With the U.S. healthcare system being pushed beyond stress levels, we must stay healthy and safeguard ourselves from contracting the COVID-19 infection. So … Read More

Protect Your Patients By Using Telemedicine Services

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Launch Telemedicine Services

PracticesForces Healthcare Tech Company founder Kunal Jain hosts the show “Improving the Business of Medicine.”  Listen in to receive updates on the current challenges facing today’s medical practices. Start by protecting your patients by using telemedicine services to aid in the fight against Coronavirus. Mr. Jain will host a variety of guests to discuss topics relevant to the practice of … Read More