INTRODUCING – 3 Ready-to-Buy Practice Management Plans for New Practices.

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We know you and your staff have been busy getting used to the new normal – which for many medical practices has meant shifting the bulk of their consultations to telemedicine. But it’s also a time that has forced practices to take a long hard look at all aspects of their functioning to improve the customer experience and revenue management. … Read More

10 Tips for EHR Transition at Your Medical Practice

Kunal JainIT Services in Medical Office

Implementing a new EHR system at a medical practice is no walk in the park. Migrating data, checking record integrity, Training Staff, and ensuring that the transition to the new EHR does not lead to revenue leakages, requires a great deal of planning and effort. As disruptive as the process may seem, for many Practices switching to a new EHR … Read More

Increase Patient Collections – 8 Hacks

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Staying on top of patient collections is vital to the financial health of medical practices – our figures say that patient due amounts account for 30 percent of a practice’s income. Therefore what we do as billing operations have an enormous impact on a practice’s financial performance. Here at PracticeForces, we have addressed patient collections by following strict guidelines, best practices, and, … Read More