Networking for Physicians is Essential to Grow Their Practice

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When the going gets rough – the tough get marketing!  Presenting a discussion on marketing tips for medical practices with Sonda Eunus The coronavirus pandemic has upended our professional and personal lives. We have, since the outbreak, adjusted to the new realities of the healthcare industry, in particular, the rise to prominence of telehealth as a primary channel for patient … Read More

Telehealth Billing Decoded by Medical Coding Experts

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, much has been written about telemedicine. While some practices may see telehealth as an interim solution to the lockdown, the reality is that many patients now expect their providers to have a telehealth option. In the last two months, the conversation has moved from ‘should we offer telemedicine?’ to ‘how do we implement telemedicine?’

5 Ways to Promote Telemedicine with Your Patients

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Telehealth is crucial in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past, telehealth was not being used nor promoted aggressively. Most physician practices were either reluctant to use telehealth or used telehealth for only a few of their patients. But as long as the national lockdown continues, telehealth is the only way for physician practices to offer patient consults. … Read More