Networking for Physicians is Essential to Grow Their Practice

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When the going gets rough – the tough get marketing!  Presenting a discussion on marketing tips for medical practices with Sonda Eunus

The coronavirus pandemic has upended our professional and personal lives. We have, since the outbreak, adjusted to the new realities of the healthcare industry, in particular, the rise to prominence of telehealth as a primary channel for patient care. 

I recorded this session with Sonda Eunus a month ago. She is the founder and CEO at Leading Management Solutions, a business development and marketing consultancy in Florida. But immediately after this recording, the PracticeForces team literally into wartime mode on telemedicine. We were working round-the-clock helping our clients implement telehealth software, and answer queries on telehealth billing and COVID -19 stimulus checks.

Healthcare enterprises of all shapes and sizes are struggling to maintain revenues. Apart from the lifesaving work practice owners do every day, they must put on their marketing hats to both educate patients about telemedicine and attract new clients. And that is what makes it the perfect time to share this discussion on marketing tips for medical practices.

Sonda offers insights on how 80 percent of revenues can come from 20 percent of the client base (the Pareto principle). But to achieve that, practices must clearly understand which segments of their customer base can bring the maximum lifetime value. Data analytics is a powerful tool to arrive at this understanding of your patient base. However, if you are a rural practice, then the focus must be on patient volumes rather than per patient revenue.

Listen in as Sonda shares more valuable tips on how to boost practice revenue by using a combination of marketing techniques that include social media marketing, video marketing, and professional networking.

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