Credentialing & Payer Services

A better way to manage credentialing.

We negotiate better fee schedules with commercial carriers for you on a fixed rate basis rather than hourly like most consultants.

Credential providers, manage delegated relationships, and track facility documentation through intelligent systems customized to your practice and managed by a dedicated team of certified professionals.

Medical Billing Service Florida

Managed Care Contracts

We can handle accurate, rapid-entry credentialing for physician and non-physician practitioners.
Medical Billing Service Florida

Enrollments Processing

Complete, error-free credentialing when you need it, as well as re-credentialing services.
Medical Billing Service Florida

Dedicated Reviews

We actively follow up with payers to ensure that your applications are being processed quickly.
Medical Billing Service Florida

Medicare Revalidation

The only way to get paid from Medicare is to accurately complete PECOS online enrollment and reassignment with forms CMS 855I and 855R - for both existing and new Medicare providers.