How Do You Get Paid from Incident to Billing

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What is Incident-to-Billing and How Can You Claim It Physicians and hospitalists can use incident-to-billing to improve revenue collections in their practice by billing the nurse visit under the physician’s supervision. But how do you ensure that you are compliant with incident-to-billing guidelines? Let’s find out. Incident-to-Billing Definition Incident-to-billing is a provision under Medicare, where a medical practitioner can bill … Read More

Effective Billing Procedures To Maximize Revenue in your medical practice.

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medical billing services Tied with ensuring the best possible service for their patients, practices are concerned with receiving payment for those services. With patient due amounts now accounting for 30 percent of practice incomes, effective collection efforts are vital to a practice’s financial performance. Here at PracticeForces, we know how challenging this can be. In our previous article on Managing Accounts Receivable, … Read More

Are Your Patients Dissatisfied With Longer Wait Times?

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Wait-time is a serious issue affecting your patient experience. People usually research online to assess the doctors’ least amount of wait-time before making an appointment. No one likes to wait for their turn to see the doctor. It creates distress and frustration among the patients, which involves the risk of losing patients. The use of an iPad kiosk can change … Read More