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Our Full-Featured Practice Management suite includes following

  • Full Practice Management & Medical Billing Suite: A complete practice management & medical billing software that fits the needs for any aspect of the private practice.
  • Data Conversion Services: If you switch from any system we take care of your patient Demo and future appointment to show in our new system. Bring your data with you. Let our data experts handle the data migration from your previous system.
  • Scheduling: Take back your time. Medical scheduling software for a faster front office
  • Electronic Eligibility: Save time, avoid denials, get paid. It’s that simple. Batch check patient insurance eligibility before appointments or perform on-demand checks with a simple click.
  • Claims Management: Less hassle, more revenue. Manage each claim from start to finish with a single medical billing claims management platform.
  • ClaimInspector: Cleaner claims, higher reimbursements. Medical billing claim scrubbing that guarantees a nearly100% first-pass clean claims rate.
  • Integrated Clearinghouse: The faster way to submit claims& get paid. The integrated, automated medical billing clearinghouse that connects to 1,800 carriers.
  • Credit card Payment Processing: Say goodbye to manual payment processing, say hello to more cash. Collecting & posting credit card payments don’t have to feel like a process.
  • eRemittance: Hassle-free ERA file processing. The automated ERA processing solution for independent practices.
  • eStatements: Faster billing, faster payments. Electronic statements designed to get you paid.
  • Soft Collection Letters: The cost-effective collections solution. Soft collection letters that let you say goodbye to paper, hassle & overpriced 3rd-party agencies.
  • A/R Control Center: Collect more – much more. The medical billing collections software that puts more money in your hands.
  • Financial Reporting & Benchmarking: Measure your success, maximize your revenue. Reporting tools that fast-track your finances.
  • Cloud Hosted Medical Billing: Ditch the servers & software costs. Take this affordable medical billing system with you wherever you go. All you need a reliable internet in your office and give us 3 weeks to implement this solution for you.