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streamline your practice management

Not only do we provide medical billing and coding services to physicians, we also offer complete practice management consulting and effective IT solutions to help you streamline your Practice Management and develop the most profitable and patient-centric practice possible.

On average, our clients experience a 20% increase in revenue during the first 90 days of partnering with us, with spikes of 40-60% not uncommon. For example, in a recent half-year analysis of our services for an established primary care and geriatrics practice we achieved a 158% payment increase, and significantly reduced their outstanding A/R.

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Complete Revenue Cycle Management

We supercharge the revenue of our client Practices by relentlessly, consistently performing the full range of RCM functions on a daily basis to make sure we capture ALL the revenue our Providers have worked hard for and deserve.


Make smarter decisions based on greater insight by freeing your practice from time consuming billing and collection tasks with PracticeForces.
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Automation, analytics, and efficient technology solutions customized to your practice and implemented by our certified experts with zero downtime for your business.
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Let PracticeForces' team of professional consultants help you drive profitability. We will partner with you to increase your net revenue in 90 days or less. Guaranteed.
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Credential providers, manage delegated relationships, and track facility documentation through secure, intelligent systems customized to your practice, and automated for quality and accuracy.
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