Local Medical Billing vs. Remote Medical Billing

Fotolia_26996130_Subscription_Monthly_MPracticeForces is located in Clearwater, Florida, and provides remote medical billing services to physicians practicing all types of medical specialties.

Financial security is a major concern when partnering with a remote medical billing company. This is mainly due to the physical distance between the client and the billing company, creating hesitance for the client when it comes to trusting the billing company with finances. More often than not, a remote medical billing company will do a better job and substantially increase revenue for a practice than a local medical billing company by streamlining billing operations with knowledgeable professionals.

To help alleviate this trust concern, PracticeForces is 100% compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We use state-of-the-art IT security measures and software to ensure that your electronic medical and financial records are protected at all times from unauthorized access. We have never had an IT security breach of medical or financial information. Advances in IT have enabled remote medical billing companies to accurately manage a physician’s revenue cycle with remarkable safety and security.

Partnering with a local medical billing company allows for personal, face-to-face interaction with the billing staff. This security and comfort is something that remote billing cannot always provide. Although, with the use of webcams and other meeting tools, a remote medical billing company can be right in front of you for conversations and conference calls.

If your medical practice is located in a rural region, chances are that local billing companies will be hard to come by. In this case, reaching out to a remote medical billing company with high volume resources, a proven track record, and sharply competitive rates would be a viable option.

At PracticeForces, we will travel to meet with our remote clients. In addition, many of our remote clients visit us here in Clearwater, Florida when the opportunity arises.

We assign a team of experienced medical billing professionals, including an account manager with several junior employees who use stringent IT security measures and maintain active communication to each of our clients. Each team is readily available to provide client support, answer questions, and handle any revenue management concerns.

At PracticeForces, we manage the insurance reimbursements and revenue cycles of clients through a highly developed electronic infrastructure. We support virtually all EHR and practice management software and are able to remotely access your current practice software through an ultra-secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). These technical capabilities make it possible for us to function as your virtual back office that is in charge of financial administration.