Solutions for Specialists

PracticeForces is committed to escalating an average practice to a thriving, successful practice. Here are some specialties where we can generate positive results by accelerating revenue streams:

Allergy & Immunology  Orthopedics
Anesthesia Otolaryngology
Cardiology Pain Medicine
Endocrinology  Pediatric 
Family Medicine  Podiatry
Gastroenterology Pulmonary 
Internal Medicine Radiology 
Nephrology Rheumatology
Neurology  Sleep Medicine
OB/GYN Surgery
Oncology Urology



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Services Details

PracticeForces shares your burden by providing comprehensive billing services. Our software offers the fastest turnaround in the industry, and employs software tools for efficient billing management. Our services include:

We take an aggressive approach to insurance-contracted fee schedule negotiations, rapid claim-to-cash turnover and revenue monitoring, as well as local geographic areas, surgeon satisfaction and overall patient satisfaction. We accomplish this by employing:

  • Insurance advocates on-call every day 24 hours a day
  • Insurance plan experts
  • Patient account access every day 24-hours a day
  • No automated calls
  • No automated operators
  • Redundant data security systems
  • Existing team of more than 200 billing professionals

The failure to capture and report all billable services can lead to loss of revenue. PracticeForces handles this problem differently. We ensure 100% billable service capture by utilizing multiple record cross-checks, ongoing provider documentation training, compliance monitoring and auditing on established records. 

Leaders in Compliance

PracticeForces Billing Services has brought compliance training, technology-based compliance monitoring and legal resources together into our service, to provide the ultimate compliance solution. We utilize ADP technology-based solutions to ensure proper reporting of concurrency, medical direction and other CCI initiatives.

Reporting Solutions on Demand

PracticeForces, in partnership with Avid and ADP software, provides clients with real-time online access to hundreds of report formats, pivot-table based data mining, Crystal Reports and a variety of standard Microsoft® Excel pre-defined formats.