Payment Posting Services

Payment posting requires specialized knowledge and training. Does your in-house staff know how to accurately read EOBs and payer rejections codes?

Unqualified or under-trained staff can lead to frequent errors during payment posting, which can flood practices with patient calls to resolve their queries. Payment posting boosts productivity by automatically posting electronic insurance payments, and thus streamlining the manual payment posting process.

  • Post insurance payments automatically with ERAs
  • Post insurance checks from EOBs
  • Post patient payments
  • Automatically print receipts
By automating payment posting, you can improve your productivity and save time. Poor posting, on the other hand, creates a bottleneck and influx of patient complaints.

In-house Continuing Education

PracticeForces encourages continuous employee education, through:

  • Software vendors
  • Outside trainers
  • Industry association seminars

If your write-offs or payments are not applied correctly, they can cost your practice millions of dollars. The payment posting function, or the lack thereof, can financially make or break your practice.