OB/GYN Medical Billing

obgyn medical billingRevitalize and grow your OB/GYN practice by improving revenue and optimizing efficiency with PracticeForces. As women increasingly turn to OB/GYN practices for primary care services, it becomes imperative that your practice know how to accurately bill a variety of codes to maximize physician reimbursement.

Our national team of certified and experienced professionals will ensure you receive prompt payment for the services you provide.  Never again will your OB/GYN practice lose valuable income from poor coding. Our medical code experts will ensure the financial stability of your practice so that you can focus on something more important – your patients.

  • Real-time data & insurance verification
  • 200+ certified & experienced OB/GYN coding professionals
  • ICD-10 code consulting & training
  • Coast-to-coast OB/GYN physician support

Your experience has value. Let us help get you the money you deserve.

Customized OB GYN Technology Solutions & Consulting

From the delivery room and beyond, our nationally recognized experts can help you provide your patients with the care they deserve. One of the most difficult challenges for OB/GYN practices is maintaining the quality of service and care while adhering to strict guidelines. At PracticeForces, we partner with you to help improve your operational efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Imagine having a team of experts who specialize in healthcare technology ready to support your OB/GYN practice at every patient touch-point. We continually work with providers, administration and management and understand health care delivery, planning and systems integration to provide your practice with complete IT Managed support.

  • EMR installations, upgrades & support
  • Windows server support & upgrades
  • Medical group & patient portal development
  • Specific PBX installation & support
  • VMware: Virtual Server Installation, Maintenance & Support
  • Assessment & strategy for large IT networks requirements

Our experienced, Microsoft-certified experts can determine a customized technological solution for your practice, help plan the transition, and are partnered with you every step of the way.

Personalized OB GYN Practice Management Consulting

obgyn practice management, obygn medical billing and codingAt PracticeForces, the success of your OB/GYN practice is our number one concern. When your practice experiences problems or barriers to continued growth, it can be difficult to determine the source of the issue and how to address it. That’s where we come in.

Your OB/GYN office is unique, and your situation deserves an in-depth analysis. Our experts can help compare your financial performance to industry standards, strategically review and analyze your practice, and develop a customized plan to encourage business growth.

  • Audit for Practice Procedures and Processes
  • Assessment of Technology and Tools
  • Review of Patient Care Workflow
  • Guidance and Strategic Plans for Improvements

Let our Practice Management Consulting experts help identify opportunities for growth and the tools to get you there.

Complete OB GYN Credentialing and Payer Services

Evolving regulations from governmental agencies and insurance providers has caused credentialing to become a complex and labor-intensive burden. Full-time attention from our certified specialists can help your OB/GYN practice maximize your bottom line.

Proper credentialing is vital to your revenue cycle and ensuring you receive accurate reimbursement for the services you provide. Through proper medical credentialing, PracticeForces can help eliminate potential cash flow pitfalls that can occur in growing practices.

  • Solutions for Initial and Re-Credentialing
  • Delegation of Credentialing Management
  • Optimization of Assessment & Reimbursement
  • Management Services of Expirables

Our Credentialing and Payer Services are designed to ensure you get paid for the work you do, without any disruptions. Let our experience work for you.

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