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Did it ever happen that the collections in your office didn’t match? Does one of your employees put in efforts more than his assigned duties? Is there anyone who works all year round without a vacation? Is there anyone who works late even after everyone leaves? Does it all ring a bell to you?

The scenario does raise suspicions! If yes, you are probably onto something here. There could be a high risk of Employee Embezzlement or Theft in your practice. If Nip_Employee_Embezzlement.jpgyou have noticed any of those things in your practice, it’s time get a little observant now!

In our FREE E-GUIDE, we will share -

  • Ways How Your Employees Are Ripping You Off!
  • Safeguarding Your Practice from Employee Embezzlement
  • Hiring the Right Candidate In the First Place
  • Post-Recruiting Measures & Existing Employees
  • What Action To Take If Embezzlement Is Suspected?

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