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Beaches, not Bills

Clearwater is a vibrant city and its beach boasts of having the most beautiful beach locations in the country, with nearby affordable food and entertainment options. People come from all over to enjoy the white sands and crystalline waters.

As a local physician, you should also harbor this opportunity, what, with the beach practically being in your backyard (who knows, it could be). The one thing you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beach time to is worrying about the state of your practice’s medical billing.

Our Billing Workforce

Although healthcare has evolved considerably in the past few years, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up and even exceed the expectations of your patients and your peers. With our medical billing solutions, this can be made possible:

  • No matter what the volume of dictations are, we work around-the-clock to make sure claims are processed in a timely fashion in order to receive the highest rate of reimbursement back. 
  • We handle the switch to EMR/EHR better with stress-free seamless transference.
  • Reports are at your fingertips any time so you have full transparency about your practice’s revenue.

The PracticeForces Difference

Take your medical billing to the next level with PracticeForces, that way you can focus on caring for patients and other day-to-day tasks. You didn’t become a physician to deal with mounds of paperwork and administrative work—let us show you our expert workforce and how we can lighten the load on your office staff and even minimize costs to hire more employees in the future. Contact us today for more information and to request a free demo!

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