Why We Do It Better

Why choose us?

We are the best at what we do, and take initiative for whatever is necessary to help your practice succeed. Unlike other billing companies, PracticeForces was built from the ground up, and there is always someone available to talk to 24/7. Our team makes a difference in our clients’ lives every day – let us show you how!

Can you increase my current revenue?

Yes! Within the first three months, your net revenue will increase by 20% with us—guaranteed. We optimize reimbursement amount from patients on every claim and work closely to offer payment plans that boost revenue for your practice.

What services do you offer?

We offer a variety of billing services, including:

  • Full financial assessments
  • Cleanup staff for back-on-track service
  • Credentialing
  • RCM services with claim scrubbing
  • A/R EHR implementation
  • Patient communications
  • Medical billing and coding

You must be expensive, then, right?

Actually, no. We offer customized scalability plans based on the size of your practice so you aren’t inundated with costs. Also, there are never any hidden fees; we practice what we preach: complete transparency in the billing process. Simple as that.

Can you use my current EHR software?

Yes, most times we can use current software you have implemented without any issues or help you find one (if you are launching your practice or simply haven’t transitioned from paper recordkeeping yet).

You mentioned something about launching a practice. Do you help with that, too?

Of course! Start your practice off right with our billing expertise and help – we can get a fully-functional EHR and billing services set up for your new medical practice within 7 days.

Is declaring bankruptcy or going into foreclosure viable ways to get out of debt?

Bankruptcy or foreclosure is never a good solution to escape debt, as they can often affect personal finances for years. We at PracticeForces can work with you on a contingency basis to resolve outstanding debts.

How can I keep my practice independent and profitable?

By using the right resources and keeping your medical billing company actively engaged in your finances. Transparency is key. For the sake of your practice, it's important that your billing company has access to bank account statements, which helps them identify any disconnects between the EOB and your bank.

Can I request a free consultation?

Of course! We love showing physicians how our services can revolutionize their medical billing. Request your free consultation today, and let us show you the PracticeForces difference!