We Audit & You Get Ready For ICD10 Stress-free.

Every healthcare provider – large or small is gearing towards a successful ICD 10 implementation. It’s easier for some and challenging for others to go through all the system upgrades, meet all the training needed and take care of the cost involved in this process.

Small practices especially have unique challenges when it comes to adapting to changes during healthcare reforms. Given the limited time and resources that a small practice has, it is best utilized for its patients and their well-being. Not to mention, the physician burnout with the stress of administrative work, ICD changes implementation and patient care. With all these reasons in tow, outsourcing might be a good option - it will free up the doctors’ time to focus on patients & their well-being.  

If you are considering outsourcing, remember the time to act would be now than later. With less than 14 days left for ICD10 implementation, start now with your preferred partner to give them enough time to establish a robust system for your requirements.  


We will take care of your ICD10 readiness by auditing your systems and workflows, EMR check and mapping ICD10 codes exclusively for your specialty - all this just for $500.


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