EMR, EHR and Information Technology Services

Software Solutions for Interfacing and Connecting to current software

Fotolia_71631708_Subscription_Monthly_MPracticeForces provides the best software solutions for cutting costs, which allows you to spend your time and energy healing patients, instead of on time consuming administrative tasks and IT functions. 

If you need software for whatever reason, PracticeForces offers a highly intuitive, web-based practice management software that includes tools for streamlined patient processing and practice workflow.

Our flagship PM software is Advanced MD (ADP), one of the top applications in the industry, and can interface with over 180 EHR applications. This is ideal if you want to keep your current EHR, yet still want to change how you perform industry billing applications.

Our knowledge and expertise in data conversions and customized software interfaces are among the most respected in the industry. Check out our overview of the practice management software.

If You Need EHR:

If you need EHR, we offer eClinicalWorks, a leading provider of ambulatory clinical information systems, including electronic health records and an integrated practice management system.

Our proven, time-tested EHR solutions take into account that all healthcare specialties work differently. With that in mind, we customize a solution that matches your practice's specific needs, tailored for your specialty. PracticeForces & eClinicalWorks making one perfect billing solution!

Connecting to Your Software

Fotolia_17956480_Subscription_Monthly_MWe support virtually all EHRs, including:

  • Practice Fusion
  • Allscripts
  • Ingenix
  • Sage
  • Specialty Specific Software Applications and dozens more

If your practice has a software solution already in place, PracticeForces billing experts can access your current software to conduct our billing operations without any interruption in your office. Our completely, 100% HIPAA compliant and secure approach allows us to remotely access your current software through a VPN network, or other secure applications.This way, we can easily conduct all your billing functions securely.

Our services enable your practice to continue transparently, with a full-time billing team solely committed working to maximize your revenue stream.

Information Technology Services

Our IT services can supply you with:

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Scanners
  • Cameras
  • Networking
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Solutions
Virtually any technical solution you might need is available from PracticeForces. Contact us for a customized quote. Our rates are normally 30% lower than OEM (original equipment manufacturer) providers. Our highly experienced, trained and Microsoft-certified staff has over 10 years of clinical IT experience. We can help you find the right solutions and best ways to transition, to help you plan accordingly for all your future IT needs.

Have you seen our 20% Guaranteed Offer? Effective charge entry is a crucial step in achieving the PracticeForces' guarantee of at least 20% more in net revenues within 90 days of switching to our services.

We also guarantee to commence billing on your behalf within 7 days, including licensing.
7-Day Up and Running Guarantee Details