Kunal Jain


Kunal Jain is a change-agent and dynamic entrepreneur in the healthcare business of process management. With his proven success as the CEO for PracticeForces, he has lead the way and been…

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Parul Garg

VP of Revenue Cycle Managment

Parul holds an MBA, and is an AAPC-Certified Coder and local AAPC Chapter board member. She's Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management at PracticeForces, helping clients increase their revenue streams...

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Carmel Boswell

Office Administrator

Carmel Boswell brings over 25 years of experience and knowledge to PracticeForces services, holds a degree in Health Information & Management, and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

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About PracticeForces

PracticeForces is located in Clearwater, Florida, and has been helping physicians in all types of medical specialties since 2003. We work both in-state and out, and specialize in simplifying billing solutions for all of our clients.

We can manage all billing tasks for your medical practice, including:

In-house medical billing was the norm for decades… Why choose PracticeForces now?

Maybe you’re in the position that your in-house medical billing is working somewhat well, but needs to be streamlined. Perhaps the need for improvement is clear, and you can’t wait to outsource your billing. How do you know which medical billing service is right for you?

Look at the kinds of issues your practice has with its billing. 

Are processes in place that ought to work well, but in reality the right protocols simply are not being followed? Do you need an entirely different platform to make processes work?

It’s possible that you need help finding solutions for your billing operations, or maybe a better platform to implement improvements. Perhaps, you just need people you can trust; professionals you can pass these billing these tasks over to.


In your research, it is important to ask the following questions:

Do I have an industry-leading software platform?
No matter how good your billing staff is, if your software is sub-par, the outcome will be as well.

Is my billing staff experienced enough?
Outsourcing one’s entire billing process is a big step. It can pay off in droves... but only with expert billers.

Is my software fast enough, and reliable to implement?
Great software doesn’t always install quickly. Experienced IT staff, who can train others, is key.

Client Testimonial : GI Tampa 

Practice Forces is just an awesome billing company!! We are a GI practice here in Tampa, we have been using their Billing and Credentialing services from past two years. We are extremely pleased with their services, very easy to get a hold of their staff, if we need any clarifications. Very friendly people and I always feel very welcoming in their office. We get immediate responses for the emails or phone calls from thier staff. Working with them on a daily basis, they are very efficient and trustworthy. Would highly recommend them.