Why the ICD-10 Dual Coding Proposal Is A Recipe for Disaster

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Mar 12 2015

ICD-10DualCodingThe following excerpt was originally posted on HITConsultant.net, on March 9th, 2015:

"The Coalition for ICD-10 has issued a new position statement in response to the latest trial balloon from ICD-10 opponents, which  proposes that CMS allow a ICD-10 dual coding system approach in which small physician offices would be able to submit claims coded in either ICD-10 or ICD-9 during a transition period after Oct. 1, 2015.

Members of the Coalition are united in making the following statement:

Concerns have been raised about the potential financial impact on small physician offices that do not make adequate preparations for the October 2015 transition to ICD-10, either because their internal billing system is not ready or they have not obtained ICD-10 training. To address this concern, a dual coding system approach has been proposed in which small physician offices would be allowed to submit claims coded in either ICD-10 or ICD-9 during a transition period.

A dual coding system is not a simple solution, but is fraught with difficulties that have the potential to undermine the data infrastructure of the healthcare industry. It will confuse claims processing and negatively impact the handling of important patient clinical information and may affect patient care.

Whether intentional or inadvertent, the dual coding proposal is equivalent to mandating another delay in ICD-10 implementation."

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Source: HITConsultant.net

Topics: ICD-10 Transition, ICD-10

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