The Simple Reason Why You Should Outsource Your Medical Billing

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Apr 14 2016

After months of discussion and planning, the transition to ICD-10 has been as smooth as we could have hoped. But maybe the new system has you dealing with a few more insurance-related headaches. With a few more changes to ICD-10 coming up in October of 2016, this is a great time to consider outsourcing your medical billing 



The simple reason? Outsourcing with Practice Forces gives you access to a team of experienced coders who will guarantee maximum revenue at less cost to you than hiring a billing manager. It's never too late to put our team to work for you. 

Why Outsource Your Medical Billing?

The answer depends largely on how your practice is handling all the changes that came with the implementation of ICD-10, as well as the overall health of your practice's revenue cycle. Perhaps you are a small or medium-sized practice and have been dealing with cash flow issues since the ICD-10 transition. It is also important to consider whether the tasks associated with billing are interfering with your ability to provide the best possible patient experience. Shifting the responsibility of filing claims and working with insurance carriers to a seasoned, professional team allows you to focus on your role as a physician.

Is It Time to Outsource? Ask Yourself These Questions.

  1. How is your office staff handling the increased work load associated with ICD-10?
  2. Have you noticed an increase in claims denials, A/R days, or claim errors?
  3. Are your billing policies and procedures in need of updating?
  4. Are you considering hiring new billing staff?

If your office staff is overwhelmed, this can translate to billing errors and claims denials. You might consider hiring a new billing manager, but this can be costly. The flat rate charged by medical billing companies like Practice Forces will always end up being less than what it would take to pay in-house billing and payment staff with the same level of experience.

Invite Our Team to Join Yours. We'll Bring the ICD-10 Experience.

The simple reason to outsource? It just makes sense. Build revenue, increase savings, and give yourself the space you need to focus on your patients. Here's why you can trust Pratice Forces to maximize your revenue.

  1. Expertise in ICD-10 - even the most bizarrely specific codes.
  2. Comprehensive Safety & Security Protocols
  3. Integrated Systems
  4. Dedicated Account Manager For Your Practice
  5. Hands-on experience with multiple clients.
  6. Personal Support – we are just a call away.

Want to make sure you've considered every angle before requesting a consultation? We've compiled a list of things you need to consider before outsourcing. Download our free tip sheet and feel confident that you've done your homework.

Download Your Tip Sheet Now!


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