What Doctors Should Be Aware of During the 2016 Presidential Election

Posted by KUNAL JAIN on Nov 1 2016


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While healthcare has been at the forefront of past presidential elections, it has not been a primary focus during the 2016 elections. Both candidates, Democrat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, have spoken about healthcare and have a plan of action for the Affordable Care Act, but neither have put healthcare number one on their agenda. Based on a survey conducted by Medical Economics in March 2016, 88.6% of medical practitioners do not feel healthcare issues have been adequately addressed by the presidential candidates.

According to Anders Gilber, senior vice president of government affairs for the Medical Group Management Association, most physicians and practices prefer limited government intervention in the practice of medicine. During this election, it has been difficult to determine which candidate plans a more hands on approach and which candidate will provide limited intervention. This is an important election because it will set the standard for the future of healthcare.

Donald Trump’s plan includes completely repealing the Affordable Care Act and building a new system based on free-market principles. Hillary Clinton plans to revamp portions of the Affordable Care Act, including changing certain premiums, expanding Medicare, and changing the cost of prescriptions. If you would like to read more about the candidate's’ position on healthcare reform please read more here:

The presidential elections play a pivotal part in the role the government will have in healthcare reform and future healthcare initiatives. More healthcare professionals are undecided this election, and surprisingly it is not due primarily to positions on healthcare. Whatever the outcome, at PracticeForces we will continue to stay up-to-date and keep you informed on how it may affect your medical practice. Practice Management Consulting is one of our primary services offered and that includes being able to evolve with the climate of the industry.

* PracticeForces cannot and does not endorse candidates for elected public office. The information provided is for educational purposes.

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