4 Waiting Room Perks Patients Love

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Aug 19 2016

A visit to the waiting room at a doctor’s office can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and seemingly endless. Most offices provide simple seating in a businesslike environment with only a handful of magazines. Improve your patients’ experience from the moment they walk into your office with these waiting room ideas.

4 Waiting Room Perks Patients Love

Welcome Patients with Signage and Information

Too often, a waiting room feels impersonal and sterile. Make your waiting room feel more hospitable with signage that welcomes the patients and informs them of upcoming events. You can include the names and photographs of the doctors in the office that day, information on classes you are offering, or other items of interest.

If possible, annotate the approximate wait times. Keeping your patients informed and ensuring they know their time is valuable to you can make waiting more bearable.

Provide Comfortable Seating for All

Waiting for your turn at the doctor’s office can be rough, especially when you are feeling sick or are in pain. Waiting in an uncomfortable chair can make things worse.

Consider module or adjustable seating for your waiting room. Seats that have moveable arms or extra padding can make certain every patient is comfortable. If modular furniture isn’t a possibility, consider adding additional types of seating. Larger seats, footrests, and extra pillows can help provide extra comfort to someone who needs it.

Offer Healthy Snack Options

There’s nothing worse than waiting while being hungry or thirsty, only to locate the vending machine and find junk food. Vending machines that offer fruit, granola bars, and other healthy snacks will ensure that your patients can eat well while waiting.

Consider providing small water bottles to your patients upon arrival. This small gesture of hospitality will ensure their continued comfort, make them feel appreciated, and helps create a quality experience.

Don’t Forget to Have a Place for Kids

Regardless of who your office serves, there will be times when kids will need to wait alongside your patients and ensuring the kids have a place to play is important.

While books, toys, and a television are a great start, consider going one step further with a playground, a slide, or an area where they are allowed to really run and play. This waiting room idea ensures guests of all sizes are comfortable.

The waiting room is the first thing your patients will see when they arrive at your practice. Make sure that it’s comfortable, accommodating, and welcoming to everyone who steps inside. Going the extra mile with these waiting room ideas can ensure their experience is a good one, each and every time.  

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