Is Your Waiting Room Kid-Friendly? Here’s Why It Should Be

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Mar 29 2016

Your waiting room is the first impression that your patients and potential patients will see. For many, that means a comfortable, quiet, welcoming atmosphere. But what many medical offices tend to overlook in the design of their waiting room is the need to entertain and impress the littlest patients – kids. If you don’t already have a kid-friendly waiting room, you should.

kid-friendly waiting room

When the Children are Entertained, Everyone Benefits

Your medical business doesn’t have to specialize in pediatrics to benefit from a kid-friendly waiting room. Whatever your specialty may be, it is inevitable that many of your patients will have to bring their children to their appointments from time to time. Setting up a convenient and welcoming space for the children that come to wait with their parents ensures that they stay entertained, leading to better behavior and less distraction.  

Both the parents and the other patients benefit from this arrangement. Parents appreciate the comfortable atmosphere to relax as they wait, and other patients are spared the hassle of a rowdy or unruly child. Providing toys and entertainment to kids decreases anxiety, makes the waiting more enjoyable for everyone, and shows your customers that you care about every aspect of their experience at your practice.

A Kid-Friendly Space Increases the Perceived Value of Your Services

Patients have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a care provider, and they will be quick to change providers after an unpleasant experience. Patients will remember a rambunctious child running around a waiting room as much as they will remember an unkind receptionist. Plan ahead to avoid any unforeseen complications where your guests may have a less than ideal experience.

When you provide a safe and welcoming place for your smallest guests to play, your patients will appreciate your attention to detail and your concern for their experience, whether they have children or not. Parents will choose a practice based on where they feel most welcome when they have to bring their children along. Those who visit without children will appreciate that your business provides an outlet for energetic kids alongside a comfortable atmosphere for the adults.

How Can You Make Your Waiting Room More Welcoming to Children?

Here are a few recommendations to consider.

  • Modify the space for kids by using welcoming colors and styles that appeal to kids.
  • Consider smaller chairs, tables, and furniture for them to use while they wait.
  • Provide a selection of developmentally-appropriate toys for each age group to ensure that every child will find something to occupy their time.
  • Don’t forget mothers and fathers with infants. A quiet corner or a rocking chair is greatly valued by new parents and won’t be forgotten.

The message conveyed by providing a kid-friendly waiting room will be evident to every visitor you have. Showing consideration for all your patients and going the extra mile by having a kid-friendly waiting room ensures a positive experience for everyone. These positive experiences will translate to loyal patients who tell everyone they know about the great care they receive at your office.

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