Six Months to Go. Are You Ready for ICD-10?

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Apr 13 2015

medical_stethoscopeThe following excerpt was originally posted on, on April 10th, 2015:

"The clock is ticking to make sure your organization will smoothly transition to the new coding set. Hospital CEO Marty Fattig runs down a list of things you should be doing now to be ready when the switch flips.

Barring a drastic turn of events, it looks like it is full steam ahead for ICD-10. Legislation approved by the House to fix the sustainable growth rate did not include a provision to further delay transition to the new coding set. Most Beltway watchers expect the Senate to pass on doing so as well. Hopefully, you have been working on the implementation process already. If not, you have six short months in which to prepare for this critical event.

Have you checked to make sure that all of your software is ICD-10 compliant? Remember, this is not just a coding and billing project. Many of your other clinical software systems also use ICD-10 codes. Do you have a stand-alone laboratory information system? If so, is it ready to accept ICD-10 codes? What about radiology and pharmacy?

Are your coders ready? Have they been dual coding for some time so that they have an idea how the different code sets are related and how they are different? Do they understand what additional documentation they will need from providers to correctly code each case?"

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