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Posted by Team PracticeForces on Apr 8 2008

Fotolia_60498484_Subscription_Monthly_MHaving an effective patient registration policyin place is essential for all practices - small or large, brand new or established. In this short blog post we present the key steps of any new patient registration process, to help your practice hit the ground running with all new clients.

What is a new patient registration policy?

It's a series of demographic and insurance information that will be collected from all new patients. This information will be verified prior to or at the time of the scheduled appointment.

What are the most frequent procedures of an effective patient registration policy?

Any patient being seen must be registered in our practice management system. This will ensure that pertinent patient demographic and insurance data is captured in the system for the purposes of billing, contracting and data analysis.

During the pre-registration process, at least the following minimal demographic and insurance information will be collected by the practice staff:

  • Patient Name (*)
  • Patient Address (*)
  • Home, Work, and Cellular Telephone Number(s) (Home*)
  • Date of Birth (*)
  • Social Security Number
  • Primary Insurance Name (*)
  • Policy and Group Number(s)
  • Guarantor Name
  • Guarantor Address

The scheduler/receptionist should assure that all available information has been collected before the patient/guarantor ends the telephone conversation or leaves the office. If time does not permit to collect all of this data, a further phone registration may be needed to complete the process.

All new patients will be given, sent, or directed to the Practice Web Site to download a New Patient Information Packet which will include:

  • Practice Brochure
  • The Practice No-Show Policy
  • The Practice Financial Policy
  • New Patient Registration Form

Three days prior to the appointment, all patient registration information will be reviewed. If any information is missing, the patient will be contacted. The insurance will be verified with the payer, and based on a review of the nature of the appointment, benefits eligibility will be conducted.

If coverage and/or benefits eligibility cannot be verified, the patient will be contacted by telephone 48 hours prior to the appointment [combine this call with the appointment reminder call]. The patient will be informed that coverage could not be verified, and that the visit will be considered self-pay unless the patient chooses to present additional information regarding their coverage.

A new patient will be fully registered 24 hours prior to the visit.

Was this useful? PracticeForces is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to new patients registration policy and overall practice management. Feel free to contact us today.


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