Initial ICD-10 Success In 4 Days– We Received First Payment.

Posted by KUNAL JAIN on Oct 9 2015


ICD-10 is finally implemented. After years of preparation, months of testing and training, we finally made through the October 1 deadline. However, ICD-10 and its issues are far from over. Now, the biggest challenge will be to operationalize ICD-10 smoothly and October 1, 2015 marks the beginning of perfecting the ICD-10 system.

Practices will acknowledge the fact that whether they were operating under ICD-9 system previously or, ICD10 now, their business must continue as usual. Patients will continue to be treated, operational processes like billing, collections, reporting will need to be monitored, and claims must be regularly generated, submitted and collected. In fact, because we are under a different system now, practices will need to continually monitor their progress, and take steps to avoid common mistakes while using the new coding system. In the last few days, as medical billing specialists, we have come across some familiar issues that can be easily avoided.

We have tasted initial success! We received first ICD-10 payment in 4 days of ICD-10 implementaion.

We would like to share few tips with small practices on ICD-10 (post going live), which will make their in-house billing even more productive. One tip for today- Remember that the first character of an ICD-10-CM code is always alpha character. And all the letters of the alphabet are used except ‘U’, while in ICD-9-CM, the first character is numeric except for V & E codes. The problem arises when the code refers to the letters I or, O and in oversight gets confused with 1 (one) or, 0 (zero). This small error can be avoided if the medical biller remembers that the first character in ICD-10-CM is always a letter.

It’s a simple tip. However, it can help prevent unnecessary claim denial, and thereafter dealing with a lengthy process of re-submission.

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