How to Obtain Patient Data from a Previous Billing Company

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Nov 12 2008

Fotolia_26996130_Subscription_Monthly_MQuestion: Lots of our new clients ask this question: How do you get the data from a previous billing company or what format should it be given so that it can easily be transferred to the required format?

Answer: This is a simple questions but answer is very tricky. Data migration or transfer from previous software to new software or billing company depends on various factors:

  1. If your agreement allows you to get the patients data from your previous company then this is the first step. If it allows then your billing company should be able to generate data in the windows based CSV format, Excel or Access. These are the most common format used by most popular softwarein the industry to migrate your previous data into their software.

  2. Now remember there is a trick here. if your agreement with the billing company simply states that you can take the data then they can cut a CD of your data and give it to you in any format? Also if you have in house practice management software and your software company can ask any amount in order to provide you the data in the required format. In any event someone can ask you thousands ofdollars to convert the format of the data. So make sure when you negotiate these things you or your technical person understands the entire scope of data conversion very well.


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