How to Ask For (And Get) Great Patient Reviews

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Sep 15 2016

You care about your patients and their experience at your office. Encouraging them to share their opinions in an online forum can increase your practice’s visibility and reputation in many ways. High rated patient reviews improve your practice’s search results, increase the exposure of your practice, and encourage new patients to reach out to you. If your medical office has never encouraged patient reviews before, here are some easy steps to get you started.


Only Ask for Real Patient Reviews

Do not ask staff, family members, or friends to create fake reviews. Fake online reviews are easy to spot, and can actually damage your reputation. They tend to heap on praise without any facts and give the practice the highest possible rating.

Your best reviews will come from real patients, who have personal experience at your office and with your staff. Their reviews will provide feedback that will assist not only those looking for a new medical practice, but also for you and your staff to monitor the care being provided.

Ask Politely

When you have a patient that is happy with their care, ask them if they would write a review of your practice. Never pressure your patient to contribute if they choose not to. Asking them at the conclusion of their care at your office is the easiest and most convenient time to do so. Not all patients will take the time to review, but with constant polite requests, you can grow your online patient reviews and improve your ratings.

Make it Convenient

The easier you can make it for your patients to review your practice, the more likely they will comply. Consider following up with each patient via email, asking them about their experience and offering a link to provide feedback and review the practice. Provide a link or information about where to review your practice on appointment cards, on your website, or on your office welcome board. The easier and more visible the online review request is, the more likely your patients will take the time to review your practice.

Respond to Complaints

You will never have a 100% satisfaction rating. There will be days when the front desk staff is hurried, when appointments run behind, or your patient is simply having a bad day. When an online review appears that is negative or lukewarm, follow up quickly and professionally. Reach out to the patient online, apologizing for the instance and offering to talk to them individually to correct the issue. This not only allows your practice to correct a problem with a patient, but also ensures that potential patients see that you are aware of concerns and take them seriously.

Follow Through

Consistency is important when building an online reputation. Make it part of your process to ask for reviews. The more reviews your practice has, the better and more professional you will be viewed by potential patients. Make it a habit to ask each patient for a review as they leave your office, in a follow up email to them, and at each touch point, and over time your online reputation will have a solid foundation.

Honest patient reviews are an easy, cost effective way to improve your practice’s reputation. Taking the time to ensure quality care is provided, and that patients have easy access to providing feedback can benefit your office almost immediately.

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