How does PracticeForces keep their Medical Coding up to Date?

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Jan 10 2009

Fotolia_58013880_Subscription_Monthly_MIn the days before managed care, billing was a snap. It seemed you could simply look sidewise at a third-party payer and get paid.

Today, as legalistic coding rules have taken root and payers have gotten stingier, collecting what you’re owed requires fighting a battle on two fronts: the draconian payers on one front — and patients on the other.

You need the latest tools and tactics just to avoid losing ground in this struggle. You can’t afford to keep doing things “the old way.” Accordingly, PracticeForces has proven tricks on getting the fair reimbursement.

A hit-or-miss approach on staying abreast of coding updates may seem adequate, but it’s probably costing you money time and energy. See how we keep us up to date.

  • We update your codes as and when CMS releases the new edition automatically through ingenix in our database, but check with payers before we use them on claims.
  • Claim scrubber inbuilt in our software catch old outdated codes enables billers to revise the codes manually in our system.
  • Update the codes on your encounter forms at the same time.
  • Have a certified coder check your claims once or twice a year, if you don’t employ one in your office.
  • Educate doctors and office managers through seminars and training sessions at our office.
  • Ensure that 99% claims goes clean from our system to payers so that they can be paid quicker.


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