How Can You Make Your Practice Good to Great?

Posted by KUNAL JAIN on May 11 2009

Fotolia_66414760_Subscription_Monthly_MI have been reading a book written by Jim Collins addressing the CEO and presidents of fortune 500 companies? But I found my way to interpret the finding and correlate in healthcare practice management arena. Surprisingly the business rules are changing so fast that if even the smallest doctor’s office do not coup up with those logics you can be either compromising on results or extinct very soon, with the impact of global economy on every field it is pretty obvious that we cannot ignore the importance of right people at right place? The best phrase in the book which goes in our everyday life running our practice is as follows: it’s not important to motivate and train people, what is required in today’s environment is to pick the right people who are self motivated, trained and skilled who are able to run your business like their own lives.

Most of the doctor’s office unfortunately does not have time to think in that direction that by switching few people in their practice or adding outside consultant they can open a fortune for the practice. They keep beating the same bush again and again which generates same lousy results. After spending 12 years in US Healthcare environment I felt so sad that why the doctors can’t take a bold step and sense the volcano before it explodes. I remember the NPI execution took almost 6 years or more in this country, still I find few doctor and their office system not compatible with NPI guidelines? They are still struggling because they woke up last month when insurance companies start rejecting their claims thus realizing the loss of revenue?

Same thing is happening with the pace of EMR and PQRI where thousands of medical journals and papers are published, Billions of $ have been spent in just to create awareness and hype?

Which EMR is Right for Me?

I think the best way to reach your financial goals and revamp your practice is to first find out how capable your office managers are if they cannot deliver the results do not wait to fire them until the problem become grave? Most of the Good EMR companies and Billing companies are getting super busy day by day because of the increasing complexities in Billing and coding rules.

  • Find the right partner who can challenge those rules and fight for your rights like a lawyer to get reimbursement of your services.
  • Prepare the list of your problems and share it with your consultant; hear his solutions or offer.
  • Compare the offer with 1 or 2 more vendors; see if their solution had ever helped to other similar practice in past.
  • Move forward do not delay. Remember by delaying this process of change you are losing money every day.


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