Hiring a Medical Staff? An Ounce Of Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Posted by KUNAL JAIN on Dec 2 2015


A physician’s life is already hectic examining patients throughout the day. As if this was not enough, your office manager quits. Your staff members can pitch in for a short while to manage the responsibilities of the vacant position. You need to hire now! But wait! Failing to devote enough time and resources to conduct a proper medical staff hiring procedure can bring nightfall to your practice. This is one common blunder made by most talented physicians in private practice.

Whether you are going in for a new hire at your practice or replacing a staff member, you need to be strategic and vigilant. Here, are a few suggested tips that can help you with the entire process;

  1. Don’t Rush in

Undoubtedly, it is stressful to have a position vacant in your practice. So, if your office manager is leaving soon, you tend to hire in a rush. If you rush in, it may lead to many unwanted consequences (covered in the earlier part) which are bad for your practice’s health. So, don’t rush! Do your homework first, and then go for the right employee.

  1. Conduct an Initial Check to Verify the Credentials

You have to manage time from your hectic day to evaluate the candidates. So, instead of going through each of them, conduct a preliminary test to see if they qualify for the role. Depending upon the position, you can come up with the basic skill criteria required and accordingly order a credential check, license check, and verification of the references provided. Verifying the references could be difficult, but obligatory. A candidate failing to provide three references automatically draws suspicions.

To judge the basic computer skills, you may also opt to use the standardized skill tests available online.

  1. Conduct a Well-Planned Methodical Interview Process

As you pick a smaller group of qualified candidates, you can now get into the actual interview process. Create a well-planned series of interviews. After each interview, you narrow down the prospective candidacy. Try to stay on the safer side of the employment laws. Avoid personal questions that direct to the age or the marital status of the candidate. You may engage a professional HR consultant or a staffing agency to do this task.

  1. Go for Long-Term Employment

Think long-term. The first candidate may not be skilled enough to manage the clinic and optimize the revenue turnover. Besides, if they are not a good fit, you will end up investing your time to re-hire or, train extensively. What's more, the patients may feel uncomfortable with the frequently changing staff. And, this can negatively impact your practice!

  1. Background Checking

You cannot possibly check every candidate’s background. Hence, conduct the check only the ones that are short-listed based on qualification and pre-screening. While conducting these checks, the following list will be helpful - 

  • Identification
  • Educational qualification
  • Previous employment records
  • Statewide and county criminal records if any
  • National Sec Offender Registry for any offense
  • Professional training certificates and license
  • Driving records and license (if required)
  • Credit records
  • Drug Test
  • Few more

Conducting the Background Check

Many of these screenings are regulated by the state legislation. Hence, you need to make sure you are on the right side of the employment laws otherwise it can have a boomerang effect. Further, it would be time-consuming to physically supervise each screening. You can conduct this painstaking task in two ways;

  1. You can ease off this pressure by hiring any private screening firms offering professional background checking staying within the legal parameter against a pay.
  2. Again, if you are low on budget or unwilling to outsource this task, then you can do-it-yourself.
  • Call up the references provided by the candidate and verify his claims.
  • Call the university to check applicant’s educational qualification.
  • For further check, you can try any of the below-mentioned online background check sites. They perform checks for the criminal background, credit status, driving records and so on.
  • beenverified.com
  • instantcheckmate.com
  • eFindoutthetruth.com
  • knowx.com

You can check the background information of your existing employees whenever you want, or, at fixed intervals, say every 3 months. Make sure you plan the entire interview and background checks in advance. Keep the resumes, employments policies, background check reports filed properly. Remember, it is always better to avoid wounds in the first place rather than treating them afterward!

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