10 Habits of Highly Successful Medical Practices

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Sep 12 2016

In order to remain successful in this ever-changing environment, medical practices must learn to adopt strategies and plans to ensure their continued success. Business models that excelled a decade ago have been replaced by newer priorities, as consumers and patients have become greater advocates for themselves and demand a better care experience.


How can your office improve the quality of services for your patients and grow your practice? Here are tried and true habits of highly successful medical practices.

Your Medical Practice Must be Patient Focused

A medical practice that is focused on the entire patient experience is more likely to maintain their current patients and acquire new ones. Word of mouth from your satisfied patients can be your single best advertising and marketing technique.

You patients need to be feel empowered, appreciated, listened to, and respected. Staff at your practice should be trained to remain polite in any situation with patients. Any delays or miscommunications should be apologized for and made right. Put your patients first.

Staff That Works Together as a Team Will Accomplish More

Encourage teamwork and cooperation at every level in your practice. Teams that work together can improve patient experiences by operating more efficiently and effectively. When open communication is integrated as part of the work environment, every day actions and processes become simpler and more effective.

Standardize Effective Office Practices

Take the time to outline procedures and processes so that staff can accomplish requirements as quickly and smoothly as possible. By following effective office practices, your staff can complete more and avoid miscommunication and improve efficiency.

We live in a society that embraces technology, and your practice should too. Technology can help streamline almost every aspect of your practice, reducing errors, improving service, and providing you with a clear indication of each aspect of your business and how it’s performing.

Key Data Should be Tracked, Analyzed, and Responded To

We’ve discussed the importance for technology, but it does you no good if you aren’t monitoring and learning from it. Not only can a practice monitor their financial status, but key data can provide information that improves customer experiences, determine where staff is falling behind, and pinpoint any concerns before they become serious problems. 

Don't Compromise Quality for Cost Savings

Customers have many options in today’s health market, and practices that choose quantity over quality will lose patients to other offices where they feel more appreciated. Spend the time and money to build your business based on your patient’s experience and the quality of your services.

Prioritize Regulatory Compliance

Successful practices must maintain regulatory compliance to avoid financial or reputational harm. With HIPAA and OSHA compliance regulations becoming stricter in recent years, annual training for your staff and ensuring compliance on a day to day basis is imperative.

Embrace the opportunity for education for you and your staff. Conferences, formal education, certifications, and webinars are a great way to expand your knowledge and improve patient care. Talking with and learning from others will help to grow your business, knowledge, and professional network

Plot Benchmarks for Success

Successful practices set goals for themselves and strive to reach them. Do you want to increase your number of patients? Or spend more time with patients and less time on financial paperwork? Determine reasonable goals for your practice, and set out to accomplish them.

When you reach your goals, celebrate, and set new goals to reach.

Plan for the Future

Your business will never grow if you don’t know where you want to go. Look to the future; where do you want to be? What do you want people to say or feel when they come into your practice? Work your way back from what you want, and determine how you can move your practice in that direction.  

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