Does Your EHR Offer These Top Benefits?

Posted by KUNAL JAIN on Nov 5 2015


With the quick rise in EHR (Electronic Health Record) use over the last few years, benefits of EHR come to the forefront. Though there are still a few medical practices that are holding out, a good number of physicians have adopted Electronic Health Records. The reason being that if Medicare eligible professionals do not adopt and successfully demonstrate meaningful use of a certified electronic health record (EHR) technology by 2015, they will have to face penalties. Besides, technology and automation advances have made it almost impossible not to use technology in your day-to-day operations.

With that said, let us drill down and analyze what exactly is included in a Certified Electronic Health Record software. And, then we will walk you through the 3 top benefits to using EHR - improve patient care, make practice more efficient, and maximize reimbursement. Some of the key features should be verified time to time in any EMR are as described below.

  1. CPOE: Computerized Physician Order Entry of Patient Medications, Radiology Images, Labs, Vitals, Demographics and smoking status.
  2. Access of internet based portal to the patients to download and view their medical record data within four business days and communicate securely with the medical practice.
  3. Clinical summaries are charted in the EMR by Physician or care provider.
  4. Import or interface of External labs data in Structured format within EMR
  5. Electronic Exchange of medical health records from other providers
  6. Preventative care module, Care or continuity plan for the patients to remind them of their future care. Sending letters or communication by phone.
  7. Any information that may allow a physician to notice a trend

Will this information improve patient care?                                           

PracticeForces is quite sure the answer is yes. We believe in the use of information when treating patients. In fact, the more information a physician has, the better they are able to treat the patient. If the information is readily available, the physician will be able to prompt for specifics, even if the patient forgets to share an important piece of information. The relationship between the doctor and patient improves as there is an ongoing conversation.

In today's world, the doctors are pressed for time, and patient care is vastly different than in the past. In such a scenario, the more information the EHR has, the faster the physician or specialist can get to the specific complaint of the patient and suggest treatment. The patient will not feel as if they have been rushed in and out because the conversation runs smoothly and questions answered readily.

Will this make a physician practice more efficient?

The answer is a resounding yes. Physicians no longer have to dig through large paper files to find previous test results or to find out if an update to an allergy was posted. They can use the technology to search and get the information they need, in a fraction of the time.

The codes for the type of visit are also clearly visible in the EHR. The physician has to tick the right box on the form and perhaps write some details about the visit.

EHR minimizes the time taken for reimbursement of services

Because of the technology, Practice Forces can immediately get to work on ensuring the codes are correct. We can monitor the record for that visit and immediately ask any questions that may impact the reimbursement from the insurance company. We can also immediately assess the ability of the patient to pay the doctor for anything not covered by the insurance. Our expertise in best practices can circumvent any problem areas we see, before the denial of service, saving a time-consuming post-denial process. This helps speed up the reimbursement process for the healthcare facility.

Is the EHR perfect? 

Absolutely not! The EHR system continues to evolve. Each upgrade makes it a better document and includes important information helpful to specialized practices. However, as your medical billing team, we can help you maximize the benefit of the EHR and the data it provides.  We are eager to contribute to your success with this technology, help them provide better patient care, and help their bottom line.

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