Division of Duties in Group Practice

Posted by Team PracticeForces on May 8 2008

Fotolia_59158073_Subscription_Monthly_MPhysician leaders' tasks

  1. Maintain clinical quality in the group practice
  2. Assure work effort and efficiency of the physicians
  3. Assure retention of physician staff
  4. Develop an effective physician compensation plan
  5. Determine physician recruitment needs and recruit competent staff
  6. Resolve physician personnel issues
  7. Deal with exceptional and problematic physicians
  8. Be responsible for communication of information back to the owners
  9. Fiduciary responsibility to oversee/monitor the financial, legal, regulatory, cultural aspects and requirements of the organization

Administrators' tasks

  1. Maintain quality in the business office functions and promote the operational efficiency of the organization
  2. Manage the business office functions
  3. Manage non-physician personnel
  4. Develop and implement a compensation plan for non-physician staff
  5. Develop appropriate business/financial plans and budgeting systems
  6. Develop and monitor cost containment processes
  7. Negotiate contracts (managed care, vendor and tenant/owner)
  8. Be aware of and keep the practice in compliance with government regulations
  9. Develop an appropriate fringe benefit package for physician and non-physician staff

Shared tasks

  1. Promote the group's vision, mission and operating objectives
  2. Assure customer satisfaction
  3. Direct strategic planning
  4. Maintain marketing systems
  5. Assure information systems development
  6. Develop proper procedures
  7. Assure effective communication within the organization
  8. Determine the allocation of resources to practice development, fringe benefits and current income for practice members
  9. Manage the group's external relationships
  10. Develop future physician leaders and managers



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