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Posted by KUNAL JAIN on Apr 11 2009

Fotolia_50165135_Subscription_Monthly_MThe past couple of days I have been taking complete bed rest due to a toe injury, one of the muscles got ruptured. I hope to recover fast as there is no bone found broken in the X-Ray. I was thinking what could make us unique that our clients trust us blindly.

The answer I found was that if we continue to provide value to their business and keep our trust within the scope of our services, it can only keep us within our customers comfort zone. It is very important to communicate them what we are doing at our side to improve their business. Just to give an example, I will go back 6 years when we started the billing business. We were having the sole propriety system, which was completely web based, and accepting electronic connections through clearinghouse to send the claims electronically and receiving ERA. Now over a period of 6 years, we have improved technology far advance and are doing several other things which has generated enhanced results for all of our customers.

The following evolutions of our software and service processes has not only enhanced 20-25% revenue for our clients, but also established us as a masters of revenue cycle management.


2003: Web based medical practice management system with EDI capabilities
2004: Enhanced coding inspector to scrub the claims so that 99% claims go clean to insurance companies to be paid instantly and in one shot.
2005 : Introduced several EMR connectivity options.
2006: Internal CRM program to monitor the productivity of each employee and track the collections status for our clients, that improves secondary billing and tracking of even a smallest volume claim within the system.
2007: launch of full fledged EMR with patient portal and Eprescription facility.
2008: launch of electronic eligibility to verify the coverage within the system automatically.
2009: launch of E prescription faclity using our PMS system without the help of EMR.

We have taken several measures in these 6 years and our team size increases from 2 to 100 peoplerunning business for clients in almost 16 states.

Next Phase

In the next phase, we have launched our anesthesia billing service program in which we are focusing on outpatient surgery centers Anesthesia billing. We have taken a space in India where 400 people can sit and run the operations for complete revenue cycle management.

As our vision clearly focus on improving the health of revenue cycle management in medical practices.

Our goal is 0 Missing claims, 100% charges posting and 100% claim reconciliation.

With this above growth i would like to assure even our smallest volume client one doctor office that the service standards remain same for every client irrespective of their volume and contracts.


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