Congress Strongly Leaning towards 2015 ICD-10 Implementation

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Feb 17 2015

ICD-10 ImplementationThe following excerpt was originally posted on, on February 12th, 2015, about the 2015 ICD-10 implementation:

"October 1, 2015 looks like it may be the final ICD-10 implementation date after members of Congress and representatives from the healthcare industry voiced their support for the new code set during a hearing of the House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health.  Despite lingering opposition from some stakeholders worried that small practices will fold under the financial burden of adopting the new codes, the majority opinion has turned in favor of refusing any more delays.

“The last minute delays do nothing to relieve the pressure for the small practice that struggles under this administrative burden,” said Dr. Michael C. Burgess (R-TX), an obstetrician and gynecologist. “It does put the health systems and insurers in a difficult position as well. In fact, it punishes those who have done exactly what Congress has requested.”

“Each delay has been costly to the healthcare system,” added Rep. Gene Green (D-TX).  “The ICD-10 transition is an important part of bringing our healthcare system into the 21st century.”

The panelists testifying during the hearing included representatives from medical groups, vendors, payers, and AHIMA, the majority of whom also expressed enthusiasm for keeping the ICD-10 implementation date as it is."

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