Advantages of Electronic Medical Records You Can't Afford to Ignore

Posted by Team PracticeForces on Nov 21 2016

Switching from the traditional paper records to a digital system may seem like an inevitable but burdensome task for your office. The truth is EMR (Electronic Medical Records) have benefits for your practice that are simply too good to ignore.

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Cost & Profit

Past the initial startup cost of implementing an EMR, digital records are actually more cost-beneficial than paper. Digital records reduce the amount of personnel a practice needs to manage paperwork and improve efficiency, which means your practice can do more business and facilitate more accurate billing for greater returns.


One immediate benefit of digital medical records is legibility. Handwritten records can be hard to read, and their legibility can deteriorate even further once they are scanned or faxed. This can lead to mistakes in coding, billing, or even prescribing and diagnoses. EMR provides a complete, accurate and readable medical history of a patient.


Medical records are easier to share with patients or other health care providers or specialists a patient interacts with, while keeping the information secure and private through HIPAA compliant measures. Digital medical records enable you to provide a patient’s entire medical history quickly and easily when needed, such as in an emergency situation. It also enables providers to work together for more complete and coordinated care. Finally, you can access your patients’ data and information through a secure channel even when you’re not in the office.

Patient Experience

Investing in an EMR system is also an investment in your patient’s happiness with your practice. Your patients will appreciate that your office can pull up an entire medical history quickly to answer their questions, not to mention being able to share information with them or their other healthcare providers, and ensure that they aren’t billed incorrectly.

Electronic medical records empower your office to reduce paperwork, provide more accurate billing and easily share information. What an EMR system also does is allow you to have a complete picture of your patient’s health at your fingertips, so you can provide the very best care possible.

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