5 MUST-HAVE iPhone Apps for Patients AND Practitioners

Posted by KUNAL JAIN on Feb 24 2015

Mobile medical technology has grown to benefit both doctors and patients in recent years.Today, medical technology has never been so advanced and readily available at everyone’s fingertips. Both medical practitioners and patients can take advantage of these helpful resources to simplify several tasks such as: monitoring doses, scheduling appointments, learning side effects, collecting payments and much more. 

It’s one of the beautiful aspects of 21st century technology where the overwhelming access to information can go a long way to bring patients and practitioners peace of mind with transparency and equal access to medical data.

Below, we’ll highlight some of the most helpful medical iPhone apps that’ll make life easier, no matter which side of the counter you’re on.


Price: $2.99 or FREE (with internet-based subscription)
For: Medical practitioners

As one of the most highly regarded medical apps on the market today, Micromedex is essential for drug referencing information. The app uses the industry’s most reliable and objective knowledge on dosing, drug information, side effects, off-label indications, toxicology and beyond.

The app’s content is updated every 2 weeks to keep up with the latest industry changes. Its easy-to-follow user interface makes it especially convenient for residents, interns and medical students who may need a little extra knowledge in their back pocket.


UpToDate uses mobile medical technology to give doctors a quicker, easier way to serve patients.


Price: FREE
For: Medical practitioners

With crucial medical information based on evidence, this app is widely considered to be the bible for many medical school students. Developed and maintained by physicians, UpToDate’s 20+ year history has helped medical professionals with highly-qualified recommendations based on research and several years of experience.

The app is constantly updated by experts who are “renowned leaders in their specialties.” Its depth goes beyond basic knowledge. It’s a full-fledged tool that can enhance the quality of every doctor visit.

From its 1,500+ articles to encouraged user feedback to dosing calculators, there’s dozens of reasons why UpToDate has been widely respected among the medical community.


Healthy Children

Price: FREE
For: Parents & Pediatricians

With so many online resources available for new parents, it’s understandable how overwhelming it can be with thousands of sites giving contradicting advice. Healthy Children is developed and provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and is arguably the most trusted digital sidekick every parent should have. 

In order to eliminate ANY doubt of medical counsel, this AAP tool provides verified information from pediatricians. One of the app’s features, “Find a Pediatrician,” searches your area for board-certified practitioners. “Ask a Pediatrician” allows users to get answers for subjects that the app may not address.

There are several resources including articles and recommendations that cover an array of subjects for parents spanning every major age group. Especially with a $0 price tag, this resource is invaluable to parents everywhere.

Cardiac Risk Assist

The Cardiac Risk Assist app is as an example of the rapid advancement of mobile healthcare technology.

Price: FREE
For: Medical practitioners

Perfect for general medicine practitioners or cardiologists, Cardiac Risk Assist measures the chance of developing cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). With the input of some basic information (age, gender, race, cholesterol, systolic pressure, etc.), the app will provide a 10-year and lifetime risk estimate.

Complete with graphs, percentages and a user-friendly interface, this tool allows doctors to inform patients of their condition with quick statistics all at the touch of a finger.

Diabetes App

Price: $6.99 | Lite Version: FREE
For: Patients

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and beneficial eating habits are of supreme importance for those with diabetes. Finding the right foods that keep blood sugar levels in check are at the top of the list of tedious tasks that make living with diabetes difficult.

With the Diabetes App, you’re able to monitor the most important factors such as: water intake, exercise activities, glucose levels, weight, food consumption and much more. The app features a food database that details nutrition, the ability to build recipes and the capability to e-mail your doctor with your stats.



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