A/R Payer Self-Pay Follow Up

That ever-growing A/R account will kill cash flow and your practice’s opportunity for growth. PracticeForces can reduce the number of days you have to wait for payments, improve your collections ratio and make sure every process is followed up along the way.

Working in close partnership with you, PracticeForces can improve cash flow and reduce Days in Accounts Receivables, driven by the following:

  • Decrease denials and increase collection rates with the PracticeForces rules engine, which monitors your front-desk workflow in real time, identifies billing errors and allows you to make corrections before claim submission.
  • Increase charges by tracking practice activity in real-time, ensuring that every necessary claim is created.
  • Maximize revenue and minimize Days in Accounts Receivable through PracticeForces' denial management. Our specialists perform claim-by-claim denial review, pursue payments and execute appeals on your behalf.
  • Recover lost revenue through PracticeForces' proactive identification and appeal of “zero-pay” charges wrongly adjudicated by payers.
  • Prevent coding denials through our proprietary claim instructor module, which scrubs each and every claim for accurate coding.