Be Up and Running in 7 Days, Guaranteed

Includes licensing

PracticeForces is guaranteeing to boost net revenues by at least 10% for new clients using our medical billing services. Furthermore, we guarantee that once you’re signed-up and completed the licensing processes, we will be billing on your behalf within 7 days. This is in sharp contrast to other billing companies who typically can take much longer.

The offer is part of our free 90-day trial, stating that if you don’t see at least 10% in net revenues by the end of the trial, there is no out-of-pocket cost to you and you’re free to opt out of the service.

Details of the new guarantee are

  1. A 10% minimum boost in net revenues for new medical billing clients
  2. Comparisons will be made between the first  ninety days using  PracticeForces to your 90 days
  3. Clients realizing gains of less than 10% at the end of ninety days can cancel our service with no out-of-pocket expense
  4. Clients continuing to use our service can choose to spread out the normal implementation fee over the next six months in installments
  5. PracticeForces guarantees to commence billing for your office within 7 days under our ’7-day Up-and-Running’ Guarantee

PracticeForces has experienced dramatic growth due to return on investment for our clients since 2003, hence the new guarantee. PracticeForces specializes in streamlining medical billing processes, locating and solving deficiencies adversely affecting your practice’s finances.
PracticeForces has successfully implemented complete EHR systems for our clients. We have led the process of meeting benchmarks and assuring that the practices are paid the stimulus dollars they are entitled to. One such client recently received approximately $21,000 in stimulus dollars with the help of PracticeForces!

This client was able to experience a 57% gain in net revenues after choosing PracticeForces, and a 35% gain in billable charges. During the first weeks and proceeding months, PracticeForces fixed billing issues, upgraded their system to the PracticeForces platform, worked on missing EOBs then posted them, applied, secured their Medicare group number to be paid by multiple insurers,  corrected Medicare NPI issues and PECOS items for one of groups many providers. PracticeForces also corrected necessary address changes, identified credentialing issues for resolution, identified BCBS claim issues for the affected provider. Further help came in the form of significant pathology claim additions, resolved coding issues such as J codes, accelerating reimbursements, and increased insurance follow-up including that included working closely with HN1, regarding older claims.

The goal with this announcement is simply to raise awareness about the return on investment because medical billing and navigating stimulus dollars have become so complex that they are disciplines unto themselves. When done correctly, outsourced billing can be very profitable while allowing providers to focus on patient care so everyone can do what he or she does best. A 30-minute consultation is enough to demonstrate our 7-step process and get providers on their way.